The NWPTA contains a dispute resolution mechanism. In addition, a standalone Bid Protest Mechanism can be used for specific procurement complaints under the NWPTA.

1. Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Dispute Resolution Panel Reports

Dr. Patrick Lum and the Government of Alberta, Dispute Resolution Panel’s Final Report, January 11, 2019

When a person or a government (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) believes one of the NWPTA provinces is not abiding by its obligations under the NWPTA, the dispute resolution mechanism provides a formal means to resolve such complaints. This mechanism is available for all complaints under the NWPTA except those pertaining to a specific procurement.

For Manitoba, specific “Transitional Measures” will not be covered by the NWPTA, nor subject to dispute resolution until after the transition time is completed. A list of these areas and the dates for incorporation into the Agreement can be found at Key Dates.

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Provincial Appointees to NWPTA Disputes Roster

British Columbia

Supplementary Dispute Documents

2. Bid Protest Mechanism

A bid protest mechanism (BPM) is available for procurements covered by several trade agreements, including the NWPTA. A BPM is an administrative review process which provides suppliers with an independent arbitral process to resolve complaints that a specific procurement by a government entity was not conducted in compliance with the rules of one or more agreements.

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NWPTA Bid Protest Arbiters’ Reports

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