International and interprovincial trade impediments, including unnecessary red tape, cost businesses and investors time and money.

Under the NWPTA, the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan:

  • Extended the streamlined business registration and reporting requirements established by British Columbia and Alberta to Saskatchewan.
  • Eliminated residency requirements (already completed in British Columbia and Alberta).
  • Made it easier for professionals and tradespeople to have their qualifications recognized.
  • Lowered the thresholds for open and non-discriminatory government procurement, which will provide will businesses with more bidding opportunities.
  • Enacted strict, enforceable subsidy rules.
  • Introduced monetary penalties against governments that willfully disregard their commitments.

As of July 1, 2010, businesses faced fewer difficulties recruiting needed workers from the other two provinces and gained access to more government procurement opportunities on an equal footing with suppliers from the other provinces. As of July 1, 2012, a seamless business registration and reporting process was also put in place among the three provinces to allow businesses to operate in all three provinces without the added costs of establishing a second or third office, meeting duplicative registration and reporting requirements, satisfying unnecessarily different standards and regulations, or seeking additional permits to operate.

Registry Contacts:

British Columbia Corporate Registry contacts:
Phone: 1-877-526-1526
Alberta Corporate Registry
Phone: 780-427-7013
Saskatchewan Corporations Branch
Phone: 306-787-2962

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